Michelangelo Winklaar Willemstad, Curacao.


Michelangelo Winklaar focuses on the individual who has a penchant for pure materials, structure, nuances, shape and an eye for detail for their own individuality.

'I am definitely a philosophy designer. I create a design based on colour pallets, history and culture. With a starting point: what if? “What if violet becomes the new black?” this leads to an answer and another question as the creative process goes on.

Next to designing; the process of researching is a lot of fun and also educational. As a human being you can not learn enough that is why I translate my vision to the daily life so my clients can express their state of mind with the environment.'


'The craft of creating, along with refined old-school crafts, inspires me to new forms and designs . Fashion for me is the state of mind in society. As you see fashion today goes fast, and it changes every season. I decided a few years ago that I will not be joining this fast fashion experience. Instead I take the time (as long as it takes) to make valuable collections, because you should buy into a timeless design that will last you, and maybe leave it to the next generation.'

Atelier WNKLR offers personal services of custom made individually designed products. All garments are carefully molded, draped and created by hand in Atelier WNKLR in the Hague. For more information about our services please continue to made to fit description.


Atelier WNKLR

We offer a personal service for custom made individual designed products. All garments are carefully molded, draped and created by hand in Atelier M.W. Michelangelo Winklaar in the Hague.

Atelier M.W. Michelangelo Winklaar provides custom made individually designed luxury wear. For any requirements you can contact us and make an appointment.

Made to measure garments are all completely unique, and made perfectly to your size and style. A couture dress from Michelangelo Winklaar shows your interest in a personal style, something that is really unique. Our designes are focused on details, one not to be found anywhere else.

'We offer a variety of luxurious styles for any occasion.'

We want to get to know you to understand what you want, and make it possible to translate your style vision to reality. After initial consultation discussing the

design, occasion, time, pattern and material, measurements are taken and price agreed for your unique garment. We can work either with the fabrics available in our atelier, togheter with our tailor you will choose your perfect fabric (available in many colours, several thicknesses, wools, silk or linen, or we can help you to order the perfect fabric for you from one of our suppliers. Our atelier will make your garment within a few weeks (Special dresses not included).

For the next meeting, a toile is made from similar but inexpensive fabric to test the style and shape to fit you best. If necessary, changes in pattern and sometimes design can then be made before cutting the real fabric. Ones the toile is perfect we can start making the real outfit.

Michelangelo Winklaar believes in fair trade and fair working condition.That is why most of the fabrics used in the collections are bought in Europe or hand made in Atelier M.W. Michelangelo Winklaar in The Hague.

Michelangelo Winklaar chooses most qualified manufacturers that respect the laws, conditions and working hours of their employees. All production are in Atelier M.W. Michelangelo Winklaar in the Netherlands.


Michelangelo Winklaar made-to-fit garment are available in several price ranges. It is one of the essentials in a ladies wardrobe: the perfect fitted dress, of course you could wear to impress your colleagues, competitors or in some case your own groom but in a Michelangelo Winklaar design you wear it for yourself!


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