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A Application
These sales and general conditions apply to every offer of Atelier WNKLR and any agreement reached at a distance between Atelier WNKLR  and buyer . By just placing an order and / or purchase the customer accepts these conditions .


B Conclusion of contract
Atelier WNKLR  is entitled to refuse an order or to connect to the delivery. Specific conditions


C Offers
All offers are without obligation unless the contrary is stated explicitly in writing. Orders binding on us , and after our written acceptance . Every offer serves as a stand to be considered . Standing entirely self


D Supply
Atelier WNKLR  exercised the utmost care when receiving orders and sending the items ordered. The delivery time after the order is confirmed in writing by Atelier WNKLR  and all the information required of copper by Atelier WNKLR  is received . For the execution of the order The delivery times are approximate and can not be considered , unless otherwise agreed as binding. Exceeding the delivery time , for any reason whatsoever , does not breach and never gives the buyer the right to compensation for any direct or indirect loss suffered by him or a third party .


E Prices and shipping
All shipments made ​​from warehouse. All prices are based on prevailing at the time of conclusion of the agreement of monetary conditions and foreign currency , import duties , taxes and other charges . Changes in one or more of these factors before delivery has occurred , Allan Vos without judicial intervention, to cancel or modify that contains the occurred change equitably is discounted . Prices such to the purchase in whole or in part
Printing , typographical and price changes reserved .


F Dimensions, weights and technical data
All our products are hand / tailor made and compiled with the utmost care . The indicated sizes, weights and technical data are still around , unless we have confirmed explicitly in writing. The customer must therefore be taken into account. Normal clearance


G Complaints and Technical Data
If, within eight days after receipt of the goods by Atelier WNKLR  about any complaints are received , the goods shall be presumed to have been approved and accepted. Returns are accepted only after prior approval and provided entirely free shipped . If complaints are found to be substantiated, Atelier WNKLR  willing to redelivery without a price increase . Upon return of the item , For redelivery should have the opportunity and be given the time needed space . Reversal of the goods delivered by Atelier WNKLR  can only be done if it is still in the original state of the delivery are not edited by the buyer or modified . Slight deviations in color, optics etc. of the kind in the industry , are permissible , while deviation of the quantity ordered is permissible with a tolerance up to 10 % more or less . When quality problems that occur later should find the causes and place a thorough investigation is a full report of the complaint by a competent authority is necessary.
Atelier WNKLR  never gives guarantee on the snaps used and / or studs .


H Payment Terms

The buyer must agreed with him on the invoices and order confirmations to follow the payment conditions stated respectively : 40 % at order placement , 60 % within 5 days after delivery . Atelier WNKLR  always has the right to demand the full payment of the invoice or send. Entire order COD All payments must be made through the bank account of Atelier WNKLR  . Performed without any deduction If the buyer fails to pay within the agreed period , he is in default and will be in the recovery of the invoice amount an interest of 1 % per month from the moment he is in default . All costs of collection , including all collection costs borne by buyer. If the buyer is in arrears with Atelier WNKLR  is not to perform before the overdue amount will be paid out. Required further deliveries Also Atelier WNKLR  still entitled to dissolve . Term contracts without prior notice and without judicial intervention , If an invoice is not paid in full, the amount will be repayable on demand and measures will be taken to collection and Atelier WNKLR  is in this context transfer his claim to a third party purchaser .


I Retention
Ownership of the goods shall only pass to buyer as soon as they have obligations under the agreement with Atelier WNKLR closed already fulfilled . Buyer is not entitled to any form whatsoever to steal the goods , encumber, pledge or otherwise transfer the power of others or in bankruptcy, suspension of payment as long as the property has not been passed on to him . Upon termination of the contract under the provisions of this condition Atelier WNKLR  will have the right , provided the goods are not paid to be taken. Return without judicial intervention in original and undamaged condition ,


J Force Majeure
Atelier WNKLR  event is prevented by force majeure, the corresponding contracted to perform or that thereby it more costly or onerous made ​​from Atelier WNKLR  has the right, without judicial intervention , to suspend or terminate in whole or in part, without the implementation of the agreement Atelier WNKLR  is obliged to pay any compensation or guarantee . Force majeure shall mean any circumstance , foreseen or unforeseen , as a result of which the fulfillment of the agreement can not be demanded as business interruptions in their business reasonably Atelier WNKLR  or suppliers, transportation disruptions , war , terrorism , epidemic , blockade , storm and other types of barriers .


K Disputes
All disputes shall be settled under Dutch law by the Court of sGravenhage .

Filed with the Chamber of Commerce sGravenhage , 2011


L Company
Atelier WNKLR is registered in the Commercial Register under number : 27296376

VAT Numer : NL144914967BO1

Atelier WNKLR

Phone : +31 ( 0 ) 629 274 514
E :
W :


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