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with intention and craftmanship'

The soulful narrative of MICHELANGELO WINKLAAR's imagenation reaching high. 

The beauty of Winklaar's garments reveale progressively when one gets closer.

Each design with its own striking spirit, tailoring technique defining bold silhouettes and Haute Couture embroidery finishings reflecting exquisite beauty. 


We invite you to experience the process of creating a unique piece and to discover the sphere of MICHELANGELO WINKLAAR. The studio is a place where craftmanship is at the very core of everything we do. 


Register here


 To make an appointment for your Couture and Custom-Made experience. Register and book an exclusive appointment with our team to create your dream look;

from beautiful tailored suits , red carpet gowns to ethereal bridal gowns.


The MICHELANGELO WINKLAAR Couture and Custom-Made Studio is located in The Hague, The Netherlands. 

Contact us at  INFO@MICHELANGELOWINKLAAR.NL  for more information

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