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Exhibition Birds of Paradise Michelangelo Winklaar in Museum De Paviljoens

18 - 20 September 2009

After Michelangelo Winklaar won the fifth edition of the Music and Fashion Battle (MAFB) in Almere, the young couturier was asked to exhibit his collection 'Birds of Paradise' at Museum pavilions. With this colorful collection consisting of estranged proportions of various silks such as raw silk, silk chiffon and silk organza, symbolize freedom of movement for cultural, social emancipations

Michelangelo Winklaar initially designed under the name Mangel Ichelo which is an anagram of his first name and means candy in papiamento. In 2013, Michelangelo Winklaar debuted at Amsterdam Fashion Week. He has been using his full names ever since.

The Music And Fashion Battle (MAFB) was held September 12 2009 in Almere, The Netherlands.

2009 Mangel Ichelo (5).JPG

Michelangelo Winklaar
also known as Mangel Ichelo

During the VIP Day at MASTERS EXPO, visitors were surprised by a pop-up fashion show by the couturier. A beautiful reimagining of his very first collection, shown at the time at Amsterdam Fashion Week in 2013

Michelangelo Winklaar
Michelangelo Winklaar
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