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Michelangelo Winklaar Fashion on Escher Dutch Fashion Embassy The Fashionweek 2023.jpg

Exhibition Fashion on Escher Michelangelo Winklaar in Hotel Des Indes

Official opening of The Fashion Week The Hague. Hotel Des Indes, which has regularly served as a stage for fashion shows in the past, will transform the salon into an elegant catwalk hall for this special occasion. This choice will give a nod to times gone by and mimic a classic fashion show presentation. After the exclusive fashion show, visitors also had the chance to admire Michelangelo Winklaar's work during an exhibition on the second floor of Hotel Des Indes. 

Michelangelo Winklaar presented his version on the master M.C. Escher with a four-piece couture piece made with a distorted check pattern called Pied de Coq which the designer upcycled from deadstock material from Taiwan. With this, the couturier shows how a single garment can be multifunctional and how the motif supports the illusion in the process.

Tactile Couture exhibition travels to prestigious destinations

Worlds first tactile fashion exhibition, inlcuded blind and visually

impaired to experience couture, premiered in 2021 in The Hague, The Netherlands

Michelangelo Winklaar Couture Hotel Des Indes_edited.jpg
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