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Winklaar wins the MAFB

Mangel Ichelo Design is the winner of the Fashion and Fashion Battle that was held September 9 2009 in Almere. Winklaar defeated the opponents as designer label Maison C, Samira Algoe, and the label Breedz. Designer of the label, is the 25-year-old Michelangelo Winklaar, in everyday life the designer works as a dance instructor and freelance creative director. Since the age of thirteen he outlines ideas for themed clothing. By winning the fifth edition of the Music and Fashion Battle (MAFB) in Almere, Winklaar has won a prize that should encourage him to enter the fashion industry. The price includes a masterclass by Juan Wells, a pitch at Fashion Brandboxx Almere and coaching by HandsOn Microcredit that also provides a free business courses.

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